Kristof Van Laerhoven (Group Leader)



Research Interests

Wearable Sensors, Activity Recognition, Wireless Sensor Networks, Machine Learning, Signal Processing


Please note that I have moved to the University of Freiburg, to head the Embedded Systems group there.

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Program Committees

I am/was a Program Committee member (or chair) of the following events:
Eusai 2003CAKES 2003 Lectures (organiser), Eusai 2004 (+demo chair), UbiComp 2004 workshops, ISWC 2004 student colloquiumIWSAWC 2005MRC 2005sOc/EuSAI 2005ACM SAC 2006IWSAWC 2006UCS 2006MRC 2006,ISWC 2006 (+dc chair), PTA 2006ubiPCMM 2006 (co-chair), PerTec 2007TEI 2007ACM SAC 2007,IWSAWC 2007 (chair), HCIEd 2007UASS 2007EUROSSC 2007CONTEXT 2007USC 2007ISWC 2007ubiPCMM 2007,UCitO 2007IOT 2008Pervasive 2008TEI 2008ISWC 2008 (+workshops chair), EUROSSC 2008MidSens 2008PerCom 2009Pervasive 2009INSS 2009TEI 2009MidSens 2009Ubicomp 2009 (poster chair), EuroSSC 2009ISWC 2009MUM 2009CIOT 2010INSS 2010TEI 2010, ISAmI 2010, MobileHCI 2010, GameDays 2010, MidSens 2010M&C 2010, MUM 2010AmI 2010, ISWC 2010 (pc chair), NESEA 2010, TEI 2011 (associate chair) MCPT2011ISWC 2011 (dc chair), AmI 2011 (workshop chair), CONTEXT'11, MobileHCI'11 (senior PC member), INSS 2011, NESEA 2011, MidSens 2011, TEI 2012 (associate chair), ISWC 2012, INSS 2012, IoT 2012AwareCAST 2012MUM 2012, ISWC 2013 (general chair), AH 2013CONTEXT'13, SenseApp 2013, CONTEXT 2013Recognize2Interact 2013, MUM 2013 (pc chair), and many more..

Funding review activities

  • external scientific promotor for the IWT-funded SensorTIP project
  • occasional evaluator/expert for the European Commission's IST program (Future and Emergent Technologies)
  • some review tasks for specialized funding organizations such as: the Hasler Stiftung, the IeMRC, etc.


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